About Us

Ahotor is a service provider that seeks to make professional and quality healthcare accessible to all Ghanaians. In addition to this, we aim to keep Ghanaians informed with the latest news, information, and trends in the healthcare sector.

Our Name

The purpose of our existence is encapsulated in our name, Ahotor, which means peace and well-being in the Ghanaian Twi language.

Why we exist

Ahotor is a key and timely initiative by the Demezeus Company, to leverage the potential of technology
and deploy it to enhance the provision of quality healthcare information and services in Ghana.
The intention is to bridge the gap between seasoned medical professionals from all over the world and
Ghanaian patients seeking quality healthcare.

What we offer

Telemedicine services

MyAhotor+, our telemedicine and healthcare platform, is an easy and user-friendly gateway through which you can easily connect with some of the best doctors, nurses, and consultants across the African continent, regardless of your geographic location, financial status, or social status.

In an effort to de-stigmatize talking about and obtaining care for diseases like HIV/AIDS, we have built this platform promising complete confidentiality between you and your doctor while getting medical advice on how to manage the disease’s symptoms to improve quality of life and help people live longer.

Health Information

Your health is important to you. We know this. That is why we also provide the latest information, news and trends in the Ghanaian healthcare space as well as provide insights into new developments in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Technology sectors. Thus, keeping you abreast with all the health information you need to meet your wellness goals.

Malaria is a special area of focus for Ahotor, so we also provide the latest news on prevention, treatment and control of this disease which has a high economic impact on the country.

Healthcare news

We all know that the first step in preventing illness or disease is raising awareness. To enhance awareness, we have brought together a team of diligent healthcare and life sciences writers and journalists to research and publish authentic, evidence-based news and information about the Ghanaian healthcare sector, the global medical industry and life sciences in general. The healthcare news we provide is powered by journalism that is dedicated to uncovering stories, discovering information, and unearthing realities. We bring the news to you through uncensored and unbiased reporting.

We hope that by using the information provided on our platform, you will be able to make better health and lifestyle choices that will ultimately improve your overall well-being.

The Ahotor Difference

Confidentiality and Data security

Our platform is built to offer complete confidentiality. The platform also gives you access to a massive directory of the best healthcare professionals and an opportunity to get world-class consultation without having to travel far or wait in long queues. All chatrooms, video, and audio call platforms are secured with complete encryption and guarantee absolute confidentiality and security of both practitioner and patient data.

Credible information

By providing evidence-based reporting, we are enabling the spread of facts and accurate information to the broader Ghanaian population, bringing awareness and dispelling misinformation about critical health issues. This will ensure the general well-being of Ghanaians.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion, and thus aim to connect you with a healthcare practitioner who can converse with you in the language you speak to remove barriers in the flow of information and ensure efficient consultation.

Our Vision

To be the preferred source of factual and authentic healthcare information and one of the leading, innovative, and modern healthcare service providers, enhancing the health and well-being of Ghanaians both at home and abroad.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ahotor is harnessing the potential of modern technology and digital communication to ensure quality healthcare services as well as authentic health and medical information are available to all Ghanaians in a sincere, truthful, and credible manner.