What sponsorship means to Ahotor

Ahotor exists to promote world-class health services and to communicate accurate and timely health nformation to ensure the wellbeing of every Ghanaian. As a result, we
chose the name Ahotor, which means peace and well-being in Twi, one of Ghana’s most widely spoken languages. Our sponsorship initiatives aim to encourage all Ghanaians to live a healthier lifestyle.

Golf is one of the sports activities that can be enjoyed by Ghanaians of all ages. It is a sport that teaches honesty, integrity and determination in the midst of challenges. These are beneficial qualities that every Ghanaian should possess. As such, Ahotor is proud to promote this sport through our sponsorship programs.

Our selection criteria for sponsorship

Standard: Our sponsorship partner/partners should have a distinctive focus area, a wide reach and should be experts in the sectors related to a healthy lifestyle, healthcare, provision of quality healthcare services and the promotion of wellness for Ghanaians.

Term of sponsorship: We aim to develop a long-term commitment with clients and partners. To this end we pursue sponsorship opportunities that have a considerable duration and long-lasting impact.

Relevance: Every sponsorship should have a positive impression on our brand. Consequently, the sponsorship request should be in line with our values and vision. The requesting entity should also hold an excellent reputation.

Sponsoring Individuals or celebrity events: Our sponsoring strategy basically does not include support for individuals such as athletes, artists, or famous personalities. However, a special case can be made for individuals whose brand essence and values can be blended with ours to achieve our common goals.

Featured sponsorships

The 1st Edition of the Odadee Invitational Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, 21st August 2021 at the Achimota Golf Club. It attracted the participation of over 100 golfers from across the 16 regions of Ghana and the proceeds were donated to the Presec Senior High School in aid of the completion of some critical projects in the school. It was sponsored by Ahotor in partnership with ARO Golf Tours, the premier corporate golf event organizers in Ghana

The summit was held on August 25th 2021 at the Swiss Alisa hotel in Accra. The theme for this year’s event was, ‘Building sustainable healthcare systems: a shared vision for the future’. In attendance were managers of corporate hospitals, managers of specialist hospitals, healthtech entrepreneurs and innovators as well as senior officials from the Ghana Health Service, Ghana Medical Association and Ministry of Health. It was a key event for crucial discussions pertaining to the Ghana Healthcare sector. The aim for the summit was to connect tech innovators and visionaries to drive transformation in the health sector space in Ghana. Ahotor is a proud sponsor of this laudable event

The 2021 Captain’s Prize Golf Tournament was held on 11th’ September, 2021 at the Celebrity Golf Club in Sakumono. It was organised by ARO Golf Tours. This event was aimed at promoting a healthy corporate lifestyle.

Ahotor was one of the sponsors of the Heritage World cup tournament which took place on the 2nd of October 2021 at the celebrity golf club in Sakumono.

It is an annual event organised by ARO Golf Tours. It is an event that draws in participation from 26 different countries. It attracted over 100 amateur golfers from across the country. The purpose of the event was to foster the growth of golf as a sport in the country as well as the love of the game among young players through a free junior golf clinic.

Contact us for sponsorships

Ahotor is open to private and public partnerships that will result in shared benefits. We look forward to creating new and lasting connections that will enhance the future of our brand and promote the wellbeing of all Ghanaians. For discussions on collaboration, partnerships and sponsoring of events, you can reach us via: